Leaving birds on the moon

by Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances

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Made in the depths of my room, with my 1980s Japanese copy brown semi hollow electric guitar, a 50 watt brown traynor tube amp I stole from my brother and a little multi effects unit that I opened up and made sound like it was from some other planet.

Everything is recorded from 2 hundred dollar condenser mics. One I stole from my brother the other is something I saw at a pawn shop for 50 bucks. All the drum sounds are made from a drum machine in the multi effect. I also use this broken tom that I stuffed with things to make it sound more real. I use the effects pedal to make the tom sound like a snare and also like a tom and even like a high hat by hitting the side of the broken tom with lots of effects. There is also this 20 dollar synth that I bought called a korg mono tron I hooked it up to the effects pedal and started using it too. That sound is only on the last song though. Couldn't use it for everything cause I broke it half way through the recording process of the e.p. The acoustic guitar sounds are made from my acoustic guitar which is really small classical guitar but its not strung with classical strings. I pretty much wrote all the material on that. Now its broken though, I can get it fixed for like 15 bucks since its just a busted tuner but for some reason I haven't done that. I also play one of my friends godin guitar to get the jangly guitar sound on leaving blues. So I gotta respect my mate unsub for that.

Oh yea this all being recorded through this program called adobe audition. Another thing my brother had and I stole. The program is a bitch. cause it randomly turns off and unless you saved your stuff everything you had would be deleted. But this only happened after like continuous use of the program.

I think thats it. Well except for the tons of early punk records I was listening to. Some of favs would be like london calling, Sandinista, transformer, end of a century, raw power, lust for life, an ideal for living, and unknown pleasures. Also got into Robert Johnson, and the electric muddy waters stuff. Some lupe fiasco, and lots of kid cudi. Really got into pink floyd's wish you were here and dark side. Some Elliott smith too. I dig a lot of sixties music too. also dig a lot of Canadian indie music.


released September 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Faiyaz And The Wasted Chances Toronto, Ontario

Making the blues punk again.


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Track Name: Leaving Blues
Nothing changes greetings and goodbyes
or awkward stares and angry sighs
so is reaction the key
or do my eyes look to flee
the faces the places the plans

This is all for love
the purest white dove
this is all for love
the rusted red chain
so don't say ill be

One day the train will go away
and greetings and goodbyes
will just cease to die

so pack your books
and ready the lie
cause your never gonna
ask why

why? WHY?
aint you gonna ask why?
you ask every fucking question in the book but not fucking why?
you say hey, hello as if those are questions but you never fucking ask so whats the point in life if you dont ask why?
From the time your were a kid to time your a man you ask why?
why to everything. Why are you here? why am I here? why does her heart beat? why does my heart beat? why does everything work out the way it does why?

So I leave
So I leave
So I leave, Just to stay away from decay.
And you wont get a chance to ask why

So I leave
So I leave
So I leave, just to ask why, why, why?
Track Name: Another Crooked Line
Wasted youth
Break a tooth
Maybe you'll Care
when Nobodies there

A violent tongue
When your young
Wont change a fight
Or change the night

And all the wasted opportunities
The days gone by
And all the wasted chances and memories
A life gone by

Its so sublime
in the summer time.
so draw me another
crooked line
a crooked line.

Now you know
Nostalgia grows
To soften the blow
and ruin the flow

So if your there
please widen the tear
break it apart
it was dead from the start
Track Name: Flutter and Stutter
Fly away from tree to tree
Wondering why your all I see
The cold frigid air
Making me aware
Of your love
And your hate

So sing your songs
Ill hum it along
while acting is if you don't care
But your enemy
want to be
Standing right there
Right there.

Rain drops fall from the sky
Making sure your all right
Rain drops fall from the sky
Making sure your all right

Flutter and stutter
Your lovely wrongs
While asking if you
Flutter and stutter
Your love
Your love

Open your wings
where you have nothing
and make wonder why its all there
I'd poach the fur, for feathers of her
tied by song
by song